• Food with a Story

    Most food in the grocery stores has traveled thousands of miles and is grown with countless nasty chemicals. Weathertree Farm food is grown right here in your community

    • Free from synthetic herbicides​
    • pesticides
    • fertilizers

    We grow food by feeding the soil and caring for the ecosystem, and we tend and harvest by hand so your food is always at the peak of freshness and health.

  • Food with a mission

    Buying your food from Weathertree Farm is a way of participating in our mission:

    • Heal the earth - we farm in a way that makes the land better and better, increasing biodiversity and soil health, and sequestering carbon.​
    • Heal the community - our vision is to develop a companion ministry situated on our farm that welcomes those in need of healing from addiction to come live, work and heal at Weathertree. Every dollar you spend helps lay the foundation for this.